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Krank und "arm" im hohen Alter und trotzdem guten Mutes? Untersuchungen im Rahmen eines Modells psychologischer Widerstandsfähigkeit

Ursula M. Staudinger & Alexandra M. Freund (1998)

Zeitschrift für Klinische Psychologie, 27, 78-85

Although old and very old age is characterized by an increasing probability of negative life events and losses average ratings of subjective well-being do not show an equivalent age-related decrease. Using cross-sectional and longitudinal data (3 measurement points across 4 yrs.) of the Berlin Aging Study (N = 244, age: 70-100 yrs.), the potential moderating functions of two self-regulatory mechanisms -- self-definition and personal life investment -- with regard to the relationship between financial and health constraints and subjective well-being were investigated. The main results were: When faced with health constraints, a greater number of self-defining domains was related to higher levels of well-being for Individuals with lower income. Selective focus of personal life investment was related to higher-levels of well-being both in the case of financial as well as health constraints. Results are discussed in light of models of successful lifespan development.